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A Note on Vaping

Sober living means no addiction but e-cig is an addiction of mild nature. Its use is not going to break the nicotine addiction. Though, they mimic the process of smoking, but with flavour of nicotine which is harmful to human body. With thousands of death due to traditional cigarettes it is positive to use e-cigs which are a cure and alternative to excessive addiction of tobacco, tar and chemicals. It is gaining both friends and foes throughout the world propagating their own theories. FDA and other health agencies are still not sure about the theory making it alternative to smoking. Side effects of the product are still under investigation and till the conclusion is reached nothing authentic may come out.

=In absence of any authentic comment or regulations from leading health authorities of National and International levels, this wonderful invention of China is reaching to all subcontinents of the world. Every age group is crazy for these e-cigs without knowing its effect on human body just like a lust to have it. The same pattern was witnessed earlier for traditional cigarettes which are discouraged now for ill effects on human body by a number of authorities as well as government by increasing the taxes.

With all these plus and negative points, a conclusion can be drawn that though no authentic data, recommendations are available so far from FDA or any other Health regulatory Agency, e-cigs are poisonous like traditional cigarettes but to a much lesser extent. They reply definitely in affirmative to question “Does E-Cigs really work to quit smoking.” The users must bear in their mind that both are harmful, so ideally both should be shunned off for ever to be healthy and prosperous.

Vaping- A Review

“Does Electronic Cigarettes really work to quit smoking” is a general question asked by the opponents of this brand. Precisely speaking, E-cigs are not a cure of any disease or smoking habits but to certain extents these wonderful puffing e-cigarettes can reduce the use of tobacco filled cigarettes giving smell of tar and ash tray. Those who use smoking just for fun or to impress some one may get benefitted with this wonderful product.

This product gives an impression of smoking without the use of tobacco, tar and more than 4000 chemicals used in manufacturing the cigarettes. E-cigs are battery operated products and use nicotine to produce vapor for inhaling. Though nicotine and tobacco both are poisonous and injurious to health, but soft grade nicotine used in e-cigs may be less injurious. Some toxins present in e-liquid are also harmful but of course lesser than tobacco.

Safety of e-cigs is doubtful in the findings of Health Authorities. They want to extend legislation meant for tobacco cigarettes on e-cigs also. It may answer the original question about the utility of e-cigs to replace smoking. E-cigs use e-liquids containing propylene glycol and a small amount of nicotine and other chemicals which give feeling of inhaling vapors giving a fraction of same entertainment. Therefore, they are helpful in quitting smoking for beginners and occasional. Users of e-cigs accept the truth that this product is not as satisfying as the real or original tobacco cigarette but it has vapors instead of smoke and vapors are less injurious to inhale for a safe life. It is the individual thinking and stage of smoking lust which will decide the answer to the question for individuals.