Know more about Electronic Cigarettes

The advantages of e-cigs have made them more acceptable as compared to tobacco cigarettes because rechargeable batteries allow using it anywhere and at any time. Moreover, cost wise for one cigarette 2 or three cigs can be used. They produce odorless vapors which evaporate shortly. This makes them harmless for people nearby the user. Legally this product can be used any where because vapors produced does not come in the category of smoke, prohibited on public places. It can be used in cars along with co passengers as no second hand smoke is produced harming the persons around. They are more economical in use because each cartridge of e-cigs gives entertaining effects of 20 to 25 traditional cigarettes with perfect rechargeable batteries.

It is very difficult to reach a conclusion that e-cigs are an alternate to smoking and can be used to quit it. It offers spa features and healthy herbals to inhale as vapors but with some chemicals/toxins/nicotine may be of soft grade. But they too make habitual of intoxication, definitely of lower grade as compared to tobacco cigarettes. An assumption can be made that with traditional cigarettes we inhale a number of chemicals/tobacco/tar etc. but with e-cigs, we are hundred times safer and protected but not completely. Definitely e-cigs would have been boons for those who died of lung and throat cancer, T.B. and other related diseases if e-cigs were invented in their times. They would have consumed less poisonous elements and thus saved their lives.

8Ideally people should not try for a cigarette, traditional or e-cig both as they are harmful for human health, but intoxication is a lure which can not be checked easily. Under this condition it is better to opt for e-cigs as these are less harmful and also cheap as compared to traditional cigarettes. Cut the frequency to decrease entrance of less harmful contents in body.